resources for MSU students [or whoever]

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designing social change by andrew shea
features two different kcai student projects.

design for the real world: human ecology and social change by victor papanek

citizen designer: perspectives on design responsibility edited by steven heller and veronique vienne

graphic agitation by liz mcquiston


blogs / websites

social design notes

change observer



another limited rebellion

favianna rodriguez

design action collective

conscious commuter

little things lab

founded by two former kcai students and employing a recent kcai grad.

project H design

brute labs

free range studios



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conversation maps, part 1

Posted on by tyler galloway

three years ago i had an idea in an elective i taught, called stories of the city, that i referred to as "conversation maps". the point was to use them as a way to record interactions with people in the community, organize the information, and be able to utilize it to gain new insights. 

finally, i'm actually attempting to use it myself to map a couple of my initial interviews with k.c. bike activists. it's not all pretty just yet and it may not get any better. it was somewhat useful to go back through my notes and do this. i hope it will help me to sort through issues and ideas more easily as i move forward.

screen grab of the top half of the map. 

screen grab of (most of) the bottom half of the map.