the new programme is a design studio focused on facilitating community-based social change through both client-initiated and designer-initiated work. we design progressive, effective, and affordable communications  and experiences. 

tyler galloway
chief instigator

devon wolfe  student collaborator – spring 2018

devon wolfe
student collaborator – spring 2018

alli sevareid  student collaborator – fall 2016

alli sevareid
student collaborator – fall 2016

taylor hillestad  student collaborator – spring 2014

taylor hillestad
student collaborator – spring 2014

sam yates  student collaborator – spring 2014

sam yates
student collaborator – spring 2014

michael van jumper
student collaborator – spring 2013

anna de sando
student collaborator – fall 2012

essi wilson
student collaborator – spring and fall 2012

abby carr
student collaborator – spring 2012

erica downing
student collaborator – spring 2012



  • designing positive change is all we do and what we are most passionate about
  • our team features professional and student designers, creating valuable learning experiences for all involved
  • we utilize a “pay what you are able” model so everyone has equal access to effective design

our long term vision is to foster communities that are creatively making themselves healthier, smarter, more sustainable, involved, and aware. in order to do this, we focus on serving underserved voices that seek to increase health, education, sustainability, and civic participation in their kansas city communities.

committed people working together can achieve great things. let's talk more about how that can happen.


focus on fundamental human needs and rights
we believe top priority should be given to communications that most directly affect the human experience – health, shelter, education, environment, activity / integration / connection, and awareness. 

community voice and ownership
communications should visually reflect the community and be controlled by the communicator as much as possible, from content and visual style to production and distribution. 

communications initiatives and actions should come from the people who will be most effected by, and engaged in, the discussion and action, not put upon them from those in positions of authority.

collaborative creation
designing with others, rather than for others, generates collective thought, discussion, and action around the subject, while building relationships among participants and creating a sense of ownership over the project. 

positive engagement, not confrontation
open, honest, and respectful conversation will change minds more often than shock tactics. 

values-based design
the subjects taken on, people served, processes and the work created all embody the values of those doing the talking rather than simply serving aesthetic or commercial concerns.