no mo logos [or “down with formats, up with people”]

Posted on by tyler galloway

embedded in many typical “design a logo for X” or “a magazine for Y” is the designerly conceit that prioritizes (fetishizes?) the thingness of the artifact over the need for humans to communicate particular content to certain other humans. if we are responsible and innovative designers, we will move beyond stuffing the need to communicate into a stock format, as profitable as that may be.

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free idea #4

Posted on by tyler galloway

"anti-designspiration" a visual inspiration site for everything non-trendy, shitty looking, real-authentic (not faux-thentic), actually informational, punk rock, diy, workhorse-genius, 3rd world, desperate, cheap-ass, and possibly stupidly-risky.

does this already exist and perhaps i just don't know about it? 

this idea is free to use, co-opt, or otherwise exploit. let me know if you want to discuss further or contact me if you use it.

CASE talk

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my slides from "advocacy by design" delivered at the CASE [council for advancement and support of education] district VI conference, "power up" on january 14, 2013. 

advocacy by design
Tyler Galloway, Associate Professor and Chair of Graphic Design at Kansas City Art Institute
How can graphic design serve as a catalyst to help colleges and universities advance their causes? In this session, Tyler Galloway, chair of graphic design at the Kansas City Art Institute, will discuss and show the power of graphic design in bringing about individual, social, and political change.

thanks to conference organizer andrew careaga for the invitation to speak!