bike advocacy questions and ideas

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in a dual attempt to get some input and document where i am in the sabbatical process, here are my questions and ideas to date. 



general statistical questions i should track down

where does k.c. rank in terms of bike commuter population? 

what % increase has k.c. seen in bike ridership?

what is the average distance commute for kc metro people, or kcmo?

what are the bike fatality numbers in kc?

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how can graphic design inspire more people to get out on their bikes more often?
- increase frequency of bike rides of any kind
- move people from having an opinion about the facts (i believe biking is good for me and enjoy it) to acting on those opinions (i'll go out and ride today)

how can people be inspired to ride their bikes for transport?
- out to eat
- get groceries
- to work
- run errands
- to the park
- visit friends
- etc

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how do you teach / remind drivers of the rules of the road as they pertain to bikes?

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cycle commuters

how can k.c. increase its bike commuter population?

for people who currently commute by bike, what made them want to start?
why did they make the switch?

how can i get someone to try bike commuting?
- advice and encouragement from those who bike commute already
- look @ switch book

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"invisible cyclists"

how do you keep "invisible cyclists" safe on k.c. streets?

how do you get LIST bike users (a program from the 816 bike collective) to use locks and helmets?

why do invisible cyclists not know the rules of the road?
- do they know them and just not use them?
- do they need to be educated?

why do invisible cyclists not wear helmets?
- can't afford?
- don't want to?
- don't think it's necessary?

do they have locks?

are their bikes often stolen?

how do they keep them from being stolen?

what do they use their bikes for? 
- commuting to work?
- groceries and errands?

where do they keep their bikes when out riding to work or the store?

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click to enlarge. green post-its indicate ideas i'm drawn to.

click to enlarge. green post-its indicate ideas i'm drawn to.

so, thoughts? i'm really open to any input at this point, whether from a design or content standpoint. 

next step

make some decisions.

things generally seem to be falling into two camps: more formal "design for social change" problems where there is a documented need and probably a statistically-verifiable baseline, and more amorphous need that would be addressed in a  "i just wanna do this" approach. an example of the latter would be inspiring people to ride their bikes more through video- and zine-based storytelling. maybe those two can live together somehow? 

i need to get input on needs from content experts; to see if i'm hitting on pressing problems. perhaps they can help me sort through pros and cons.