designing anarchy

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i was pleasantly surprised today to find the subject line “designing anarchy?” in my inbox this morning. the message was from the ever-consistent and suspiciously prolific steven heller as part of his daily heller series, to which i subscribe. there are several covers of various anarchist journals and he was even so kind as to include a great summation of what anarchism is, excerpted from a 1947 issue of resistance: an anarchist monthly. 

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designing on the backs of others

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“the daily heller” has a nice little post about hugo boss’ nazi connections here. seems that boss’ sins were two-fold – he not only sought to capitalize on clothing contracts by joining the national socialist party, but he was a true-believer in the rhetoric of ethnic superiority. they also utilized forced labor in the manufacture of nazi uniforms.

in the spirit of redemption, it’s important to keep in mind that people, and companies, change over time. the corporation acknowledges their unsavory past and is both coming to terms with it and distancing themselves from it as much as possible. makes me wonder how we will view modern-day corporations like mcdonalds and wal-mart in the future, even as we are seeing massive shifts in how tobacco companies are behaving – moving into the food industry as r.j. reynolds has done with the acquisition of nabisco.

an interesting (and quick) read.

edit 8.10.12:
similar info here on “amster brand”

related article on nazi brand guidelines by steven heller over on design observer

great climate change video

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the above video is an amazing example of visual advocacy that is designed in a culturally relevant and effective manner. it’s a great response to all of the pundits and decriers who have no authority (other than their status as “famous people”) to report accurately on issues of climate change.

the use of humor and parody is always such an effective way to “help the medicine go down, in the most delightful way”. see the longer article about the video here.

thanks to my student, jessi wilson, for the link.

new books coming

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i’m excited because i just ordered a few new books — finally. i’m a real miser when it comes to forking out money for new books, no matter what the subject matter. but i never fail to get jealous when i see new (or old) books that my colleagues bring in. so, thank you, birthday money from my parents, for allowing me the opportunity to spoil myself a bit on these cool items.


signal:01, edited by josh macphee and alec dunn
Signal is an ongoing book series dedicated to documenting and sharing compelling graphics, art projects, and cultural movements of international resistance and liberation struggles.”

i’m excited about this whole thing, but mostly about “designing anarchy: the graphic covers of rufus segar”, because they look really interesting and i’ve never head of the guy. it’s always nice to discover new artists and designers working in a revolutionary context.


craphound #4, 5, and 7 (i have #6 already)
i respect Sean Tejaratchi because he has the tenacity to collect line art in a serious way that i could never muster. the themes from each issue are either clever non-seqiturs (death, telephones, and scissors) or useful groupings (church and state). the page layouts are awesome and the found art is great. yay!

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from richard buchanan, in his essay “human dignity and human rights: thoughts on the principles of human-centered design” in looking closer 5. [emphasis mine, by design]

there is no personal consumer choice that is going to dismantle the systems of power that are behind the destruction of our planet. what we need is organized political resistance.

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a great sentiment from an anonymous narrator in the in-progress film “end:civ”. a great reminder to me of how easily i (we) can get caught up in inconsequential details. check out the trailer and info about the film here. thanks to tony brock for the link.