making advocacy fun

Posted on by tyler galloway

thinking on all of this bicycling stuff is fun for me because i'm motivated, but my initial ideas don't necessarily seem like they'd be fun and inviting for newbies or outsiders. i've been wondering in the back of my mind how to make all of this totally fun. then i thought of this awesome project: 

aeolian ride. photo by Jessica Findley

aeolian ride. photo by Jessica Findley

from the aeolian-ride website:

"Aeolian Ride, is an international art event where the public becomes inflated sculpture on bicycles, transforming the landscape of each city."

i'm sure there are a lot more fun cycling ideas out there. it's just a matter of finding them, identifying the foundational principles, and figuring out how those principles might apply to what i'm doing. if you know of other fun advocacy projects (doesn't have to be about bikes, just about fun-ness), please post in the comments!