free idea #2

Posted on by tyler galloway

a collectively-run vegan or vegetarian "fast casual" or fast-food restaurant

there is a growing national wave of restaurant and service workers rising up to protest low wages and a host of other workplace ills (no sick days, no healthcare or benefits, etc). why not offer an alternative model for how this industry could run, giving these workers a real option, rather than fighting huge corporations that will fight to the death to keep their wads of cash?

worker-owned organizations are based on collective decision-making and empower people in non-hierarchical relationships that honor their unique skillsets and team contributions. 

vegan and vegetarian diets do the least harm to the environment and if things are locally sourced, all the better. "fast food" or "fast casual" (a bit upscale looking and more conducive to dinner than fast food) because it would be convenient for lunch and quick visits as well as being at a more accessible price point than sit-down restaurants. plus the fast food market definitely needs to be shaken up.

there could even be a pricing structure that honors walkers (lowest prices), bikers and transit users (mid-level prices) over car-based visitors (highest prices). sorry – no drive through.

native foods is pretty close to what i'm talking about, and it's pretty stinkin' good, but i'm thinking more local.

this idea is free to use, co-opt, or otherwise exploit. let me know if you want to discuss further or contact me if you use it.