“stand up kc” identity and campaign materials


as part of a larger national initiative to earn restaurant and retail workers a living wage and other needed benefits, this campaign needed to balance national cohesion with local flavor. prominent use of red connects with several other cities for quick recognition as a national effort, while a custom-designed headline typeface provides kc with a unique look. 

kansas city was one of the first seven cities to organize workers, with hundreds turning out for rallies, marches, and to hear prominent speakers such as emmanuel cleaver III and noted civil rights leader rev. c. t. vivian. 

the shirts have been especially popular with workers. five hundred were printed; all were given away on the first two days of actions.  

as of april 2016 2,685 large silkscreen posters and 3000–3500 shirts have been printed. 

collaborators: michael enriquez and jeremy al-haj; sam yates, michael jumper, david terrill