“spread love” poster

designed in response to an  invitation to participate in “printervention”, an exhibition underscoring the necessity  for for the support of artists and the ideas of civic responsibility to the greater society. 

this poster focuses on practical, humanizing, and non-judgmental ways we can help our friends without homes – by sharing names, inviting someone home for dinner, sharing a hat you've knitted, and sharing money without judgement. silk-screened, perforated and laser-cut, it serves as both a poster and as a stencil, allowing viewers to spread the message on their own terms. 

a collaborative and inclusive process was integral to the project. to that end, content was developed with nick pickrell of cherith brook catholic worker house, whose mission is to show hospitality and practice works of mercy to people without homes in their neighborhood.  further, a group was assembled to spread love throughout areas of kansas city where people most come in contact with people without homes. this created a sense of shared purpose and provoked thought on the subject as posters were being hung and stencils made. 

exhibited: chicago tourism center gallery in chicago, 2010; open lot in nashville, 2010

collaborators: nick pickrell (content development); chris chapin, justin ruggieri, david scott, abby gallagher, ben hlavacek, brandon lyon.