“pay up kcp&l” identity and campaign materials

a public campaign that brought together a coalition of labor, faith, student, occupy kansas city, and community organizations from around the city to demand that the utility company kcp&l pay its fair share in taxes (they paid none from 2008–2010) and stop raising rates on kansas city’s 99%.

the campaign was widely covered in the local print, radio, and television media. the shareholder action even garnered national press coverage. the design of the materials lent visual cohesion, narrative continuity, and gave the campaign a professional credibility that reflected in the campaign’s actions, media coverage, and in their online footprint. the logical appeal to viewers told the story of a regional energy monopoly as a corporate tax scofflaw that had heretofore been untold.

collaborators: michael enriquez and jeremy al-haj;
david duncil, abby carr, jessi wilson, erica downing