“voting vs consensus” posters

instigated by an invitation to participate in a political / social poster show, this silkscreen and large-format laser print poster is a visual/verbal response to traditional electoral politics. after researching consensus decision-making in more detail, i wrote the text for each poster, which is aimed at raising awareness of alternate methods of decision-making. an edition of 50 posters was produced on cheap paper (with an accompanying sale price of $5) to work in direct opposition to the notion of political posters sitting in a gallery rather than doing their work in the streets. perforated pull tabs with a url lead readers to a web page with much more detailed information on consensus. 

read more about consensus-based decision-making here.

exhibited: “posters of discontent”, eastern michigan university fall 2008; coastal carolina university spring 2009

publishedno tasarim #2 turkish design publication, spring 2009