shenanigans from the yes men

Posted on by tyler

the yes men have been an inspiration to me ever since i saw a short film about their antics involving one of them posing as a world bank representative at a financial conference in europe. they more recently produced 100,000 copies of a fake new york times newspaper with all kinds of optimistic headlines such as an end to the iraq war, among other events.  i received an email giving some vague indication that they are up to more pranks related to forcing the u.s. government's hand on global warming. apparently there is a global summit planned in december, and all i can tell from the email is that they need a good chunk of money, people in new york that can sew, and people willing to get arrested for civil disobedience. awesome. there is a bit of info about the global warming issue and a sign up for the civil disobedience at the beyond talk website.
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