designing on the backs of others

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“the daily heller” has a nice little post about hugo boss’ nazi connections here. seems that boss’ sins were two-fold – he not only sought to capitalize on clothing contracts by joining the national socialist party, but he was a true-believer in the rhetoric of ethnic superiority. they also utilized forced labor in the manufacture of nazi uniforms.

in the spirit of redemption, it’s important to keep in mind that people, and companies, change over time. the corporation acknowledges their unsavory past and is both coming to terms with it and distancing themselves from it as much as possible. makes me wonder how we will view modern-day corporations like mcdonalds and wal-mart in the future, even as we are seeing massive shifts in how tobacco companies are behaving – moving into the food industry as r.j. reynolds has done with the acquisition of nabisco.

an interesting (and quick) read.

edit 8.10.12:
similar info here on “amster brand”

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