typeface sighting [sorta]

Posted on by tyler

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after several years of low-level sales of my syndicate typeface, i finally spotted it in use — sort of. it is on the 2011 model rockshox mountain bike forks “reba” model.

my typeface design, circa 2003

i was all jazzed until i finally looked at some images of it online and discovered that the designer had modified nearly every letter shape in some way. this is common, of course, in designing logotypes, but it raises questions in the back of my mind about whether they bought it or just looked at specimens for reference and plagiarized. in the end it doesn’t really matter that much because the typeface is only $30, and i only see about $5 of that for each font sold. 

i know it’s a teeny usage only seen by a very small audience, but it’s akin to having your first printed piece off the press, which is a pretty cool feeling. it’s just too bad the situation is muddied a bit.