seeking collaborators for spring 2013

Posted on by tyler


the new programme is undergoing exciting growth and change to re-focus exclusively on social change projects and incorporate student collaborators as active participants in that process. 

the new programme’s freshly revised mission is to utilize the power of visual communication and design thinking to create positive social change for underserved voices that seek to increase health, education, sustainability, and civic participation in their kansas city communities.

the new programme is intended to function as a kind of laboratory space to explore: 

  • how visual communication can affect or create positive behaviors
  • how graphic design processes and artifacts can best be leveraged in a non-commercial capacity
  • how graphic design processes can be more collaborative and inclusive
  • how using graphic design for social change could become a sustainable career path

projects for the spring 2013 semester will include additional work with the midwest center for equality and democracy on their multiple ongoing initiatives, as well as website re-structuring for the new programme. other projects are in the works and will be introduced as relationships are secured with clients. 

this position can be taken as a 3-credit studio elective or not taken for credit, as you wish. it is unpaid but my sparkling personality and the occasional free cup o’ joe may compensate a bit. 

collaborators will be expected to work six hours a week, preferably meeting on tuesdays or thursdays for work sessions, critiques, client meetings, and so on. 

design projects for local clients (primary duties)

  • attend and participate in client meetings
  • design research
  • brainstorming, ideation, and iterations
  • production work
  • project documentation for internal and client use

contributing to the refinement of the new programme’s agenda (secondary duties) 

  • promotional work for the new programme including website updates, blog posts, identity refinement, etc

to apply, send a resume and pdf of five work samples to tyler [at] thenewprogramme [dot] net by
friday, january 11, 5pm.